Donavan Bailey, MS, LGSW

Advocacy for holistic criminal justice reform and inclusivity.

About Us

The What...

Need a unique speaker, corrections/treatment facilitator, diversity training, advocacy within criminal justice circles, or a presenter truly open to the “conversation” about race? My work is dedicated to change that lowers disparities of African Americans and all historically oppressed minorities in the US criminal justice system.  Primarily I focus on a perspective that addresses historical trauma and proper identity foundations to assist in efforts for criminal justice and diversity efforts.

The Why...

While external activism must to continue, internal advocacy must revive.  No U.S. ethnicity can flourish with such infamous stats:

  • Bureau of Justice- 1 in 3 black men can expect prison in their life.
  • The National Council on Crime  & Delinquency- African Americans are over six times as likely to be incarcerated as whites; Latinos over twice as likely. If reforms were enacted to reduce disproportionality by just 50%, the incarcration rate would drop and put the US 5th in the world instead of 1st.

The Who...

In addition to my committed work in the Minnesota Public Defender as a Licensed Graduate Social Worker, I have been privileged to work as a police officer, youth counselor, program director, adjunct college educator, and serve 2 terms in AmeriCorps. I have vast experience community service and have worked on various local and state committees. I hold an AA in Law Enforcement, BS in Biblical Studies, an MS in Educational Leadership and currently is completing an Ed. D. in Leadership.

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